I'm a web developer who loves to build intentional digital products. My first taste of this was making websites and layouts on things like geocities, freewebs and eventually Myspace (Im showing my age 😅).

Nowadays most of my work is a mix of fullstack web development (In the Javascript/React ecosystem) when I'm developing digital products for my clients. Really enjoy working on User Experience Engineering and have worked on a few design systems for some startups and large corporations in the past.

I have an active interest in eCommerce and how tech can make participation in the economy easier for everyone. You can also find me deep in blockchain Telegram groups learning more about cryptocurrencies. These intertwine with an interest in money, how it can work for everyone and how I can help my clients make more of it.

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. - Neil Gaiman

If you have a a vision that you need help building, feel free to get in contact!

Thank You for reading!