The Overview

We helped Tesco build a headless commerce site using NextJS & helped them avoid a lawsuit.

The Context & Challenge

Tesco had shut down Tesco Direct & consequently its only site selling PAYG handsets. They were still under contractual obligation to sell a certain providers handsets so had to build a site to offer this.

We had to build it within 3 months as any longer made them liable to breaching their contracts.

This was our first deep dive into headless commerce so it was integral we got it right.

The Process & Insight

Since the site needed to be fast and supported SSR, we had decided that Next.js was perfect for what we were about to build. We could then use this site as a template to build other micro-sites in the Tesco domain where they only needed to serve a small subset of a type of product.

We opted for functionality first and then incrementally updated the site with more direction from Tesco's design team as things progressed.

The Results

We were able to ship in time and as a result, has raked in over £1,000,000 in orders since. Not bad at all.

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