I was tasked with helping deliver a 10x10 VC & Google Startups project led by Andy Davis

Context & Challenge

We were tasked with delivering a site called The Black Report that is a Google commissioned piece of work to highlight the Black Business Ecosystem in the UK.

The project was brought to us by our good friends at Kudoscope who needed additional frontend expertise. It was due to be delivered on Black History Month but being in the middle of the pandemic, things were thrown into slight disarray. We were able to overcome these challenges and deliver an amazing product for Google and 10x10.

Process & Insights

"A engineer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

For the development side, we focused on making a decision on the tech stack. We went with Next.js as it made it easy for us to develop react based static sites without having to think about introducing any routing plugins. The built in SSR (Server-side rendering) also helps keep our website quick and nimble for our users. If we want to keep users on our site for longer, making sure your site performs well is important.

We also utilised the use of Chakra UI component library which I wrote about on Medium.com. Picking the best technology is crucial to a successful digital product.

Working with an all-star team of content-writers, researchers, data viz wizards, videographers, developers and designers, all with skin in the game allowed us to combine our visions to create something amazing.

With any great product, there are always iterations. With guidance from design lead Sahara Jones, her and the UX team were able to iterate from basic black and write wireframes to serve as layout guides

The Result

We were able to deliver this successful project with approval from Google. It was featured in numerous publications including the credible, Forbes Magazine.

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